Align your Information Security To Current Standards and Protocols

To minimize business and reputational risk, it’s important that your current procedures, controls and processes within the Information Security Management System (ISMS) are in line with security standards, regulations and your organization’s policies. The ISMS should also be effectively implemented and maintained.

This is where performing regular audits at planned intervals will identify whether information security controls:

  • Meet your organization’s context and risks regarding information security.
  • Are effectively implemented and maintained.
  • Are defined using a risk-based approach, and updated policies and standards exist, and have been communicated to employees and external parties.

Our Approach

We evaluate the following:

  • There is leadership support and commitment to information security.
  • Information security risk management process is formalized, well communicated and aligned with the business risk profile.
  • Information security controls are documented, evolved and continuously monitored and improved.
  • Security policies and standards are formalized, reflecting the environment.
  • Security policies and standards are communicated with employees.

Our Promise of Value

  • Seasoned and business-minded security consultants with over 10 years of experience.
  • Well-versed with legislative and regulatory frameworks in addition to industry-leading standards.
  • Commitment to collaborating closely with clients on security solutions.