How Secure Are Your Third-Party Relationships?

With increased regulatory scrutiny, continuing cost pressures, active investors, and a vigilant public, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the inherent risks that come with external business relationships.

By proactively addressing third-party issues, you can reduce your organization’s exposure to risk while achieving stronger relationships with service providers. When assessing third-party relationships, it’s critical to have a strong understanding of how the desired benefits – whether improved agility, increased performance, or cost savings – could be weakened by unforeseen vulnerabilities



Our Approach

Initially, we work to understand what information assets will be maintained by external parties and the value of them from a legal or contractual and IP perspective.

This understanding is used to amend our Supplier Audit Framework to evaluate suppliers based on scoped information and protection required.

Following a response from your supplier, we evaluate the maturity of controls implemented by third-party suppliers and inherent risk. Results of analysis are
delivered to you via a written report, thus arming you with the right information about your third-party relationships.

Our Promise of Value

  • Seasoned business-minded security consultants with 10 years’ experience delivering over a hundred supplier audits
  • Business-driven Supplier Audit Framework
  • Commitment to collaborating closely with clients on security solutions